Android Game Development

Game development is a skill that most people would kill to have. With the increased number of mobile phone users and the increased popularity of mobile games, you can understand why the area in a gold mine. Over the years, the android platform has been a worth competitor of the iOS platform. The app market has also grown giving room for app developers to take part in the same.

Game developers should be guided by certain codes of best practises if in case they want to succeed in the industry. This piece will try to identify some of the best practices that have been enforced by game developers from around the world which allow them to build great and successful games for Google Play.

Try to get users

For your game to be fully accepted, it needs to have people who can accept it. You can get users by optimizing your game so as to get great ratings, build a buzz about the game or better yet attempt to get some visibility. You can optimize your game by ensuring that you optimize the graphics, frame rates and ensuring screen responsiveness. Through social media, you can preach the word about your game.

Engage and retain

To achieve this you need to keep the users coming back for more. You can do this by holding tournaments and going ahead to offer promotions through notification. Besides keeping them hungry for more, as a game developer, you also have to give the users a good reason as to why they should invest their money in your game.

Try to go beyond the usual basics

Go beyond your market and expand to other markets. Another way this can be done is by ensuring that your users are given periodic content updates. You can also try to develop educational games.